Adsett Braddock is a progressive and professional Chartered Accountants practice group headed by Rob Jolliffe, conveniently located close to Auckland City centre.

As a professional accounting firm our philosophy is to provide personal and timely accounting services to cater for the full financial needs of our clients. We believe that achieving service excellence requires not only technical competence, but sound commercial judgement applied in a professional manner.

Our senior partners will make time for you and the needs of your business. Our accountants based in Auckland Central are specialists in accountancy and taxation for SMEs, we’ll provide essential advice to manage and attain your business goals, as if it was ours.

At Adsett Braddock we have a very flat structure – you will only deal with a Director or Senior Accountant in Auckland, both of whom will have a very good understanding of your business. As a result, we are able to provide high level accounting and business advice tailored to your circumstances at very competitive rates.

The Adsett Braddock accounting group has been in existence (including under previous names) since 1955. Over time, our accounting firm has established a very wide and valuable network of clients. Our network is our clients’ network and we are happy to bring opportunities and ideas to our clients that can add value to their businesses.

Why use a “Chartered” Accountant?

By law, only a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand may use the words “Chartered Accountant” in their name or in describing their services.

As Chartered Accountants, our clients have the peace of mind that we have completed the requisite qualifications, both tertiary and professional, as well as the necessary practical experience and continuing professional development. We are also subject to a very stringent code of ethics.

In contrast anyone can call themselves an “Accountant” or “Tax Advisor”. If they are not a “Chartered Accountant”, they are likely to have limited or no qualifications, and their clients are not afforded the protection of a code of ethics.


We regard it as vital to a good and sustained relationship with our clients that there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying for our services. Accordingly, the following information applies to our charges:

Most of our time is charged on an hourly basis. The rate applicable to the tasks we perform for each client depends on the relative complexity of the work and the staff engaged therein.

For most assignments we are able to estimate the time work will take. If you would like an estimate before any work is started, simply ask.

Our invoices are fully narrated.

We allocate your work to team members who have appropriate experience and skills to complete the required work.

Our payment terms are payment of invoiced fees by the 20th of the month following invoice date.