Tax – PAYE

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

  • A basic tax taken out of an employees’ salary or wages.
  • The amount deducted depends on each employees Tax Code.
  • PAYE employees must complete a Tax Code Declaration (IR330) on commencement of employment. If they fail to do so, you must deduct PAYE at the no-declaration rate.
  • An Employer Monthly Schedule also needs to be filed with the IRD. This details each worker’s gross earnings and deductions.
  • Gross annual PAYE of $50,000 or more needs to be filed electronically with the IRD using the IRD’s IR Filing System.

Small Employer:

Gross annual PAYE deductions up to $500,000

  • Payments made to IRD on the 20th of the month following the deductions.
  • The employer monthly schedule must be filed.
  • Within 2 working days after each payday.

Large Employer:

Gross annual PAYE deductions over $500,000

  • Deductions made from payments made to the employees between the 1st and 15th of the month are paid by the 20th of the same month.
  • Deductions made from payments made between the 16th and the end of the month are paid on the 5th of the following month, except for the second period of December which is due on 15th January.
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